Never Underestimate the Power of Reciprocation- Marketing Your Blog Part

When I first began my blog, I didn’t know much at all. I began my blog as a way to promote my business and to keep family updated on our goings on. I didn’t ever really begin reading blogs belonging to other people…and it showed. I didn’t have many visitors to my blog…at all. If and when I did get visitors, they only stayed for a few seconds, according to my statistics. I felt that if I did get a visitor, it was by mistake because they left so quickly!

One day, someone found my blog and left me a comment. Yeah! You’ve got to love comments, right? So, I was naturally curious about her and checked out her blog, New Mommy Rant. I loved it and was immediately hooked. I enjoyed reading about her experiences as a new mom with a daughter and comparing them with my own. I began reading her blog daily and leaving her comments as well. Other people that read her blog began to see my comments and I guess curiosity got the best of them as well and some of them made their way over to my blog as well.


As time passed, I began subscribing and reading more and more blogs daily and I always made sure to leave comments. If you don’t leave a comment, how can someone reciprocate the visit.

When you leave comments on other bloggers blogs, you are not only “inviting” them to your blog, you’re inviting all their readers to visit your blog as well. This number grows exponentially, each time you leave a comment. You gain an immeasurable amount of exposure simply by leaving comments on other people’s blogs.



When leaving comments on blog posts, do not leave comments like, “Wow!” or “Fun!” These comments are not thought provoking and do not add value to the blog. Put some thought into the comments you are leaving and leave comments that will get readers thinking, “I thought I was the only person who felt like a kill joy when disciplining my kids. Now, I don’t feel so alone!” “I tried this recipe once before and it seemed a little too salty to me.” Follow these guidelines and you may just gain subscribers or steady readers. When leaving comments remember that not only the author will be reading them. Readers of the blog will also have access to them as well.